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CLAt Menai Eye Care, we consider contact lenses to be a perfect alternative to glasses even if they are only worn on a part-time basis, for sport or for social use. Contact lenses do not fog up, slip down your nose or hurt behind the ears like glasses can when they are worn in challenging conditions. Wearing contact lenses also means that choosing sunglasses is more straightforward - any shape and size can be chosen without having the restriction of prescription lenses. Our experienced team is up to date with the latest products and fitting techniques. 

Daily Disposable contact lenses are one of the most popular types of lenses. They are hassle-free and also the healthiest way of wearing contact lenses, as a brand-new, sterile lens is worn every day. These lenses are very thin and comfortable. They are removed at the end of the day and disposed of. This means that cleaning, rinsing and lens solutions are no longer needed. They are also a fantastic choice when travelling as they are hygienic and compact to pack. Coloured daily disposable lenses are also available.

Fortnightly/Monthly disposable contact lenses are also very popular as they cover a wide range of prescriptions including high astigmatism. These lenses are available in cosmetic colours (to change your eye colour) as well as in new generation materials to promote better comfort when worn in air conditioning and when working on computers. The new materials also promote more oxygen transfer to the front of eye, maintaining good eye health and successful long-term contact lens wear. 



Frame plus CaseContinuous wear lenses use new generation materials making them safe to sleep in overnight or for extended periods. No cleaning or storing of the lenses is required and lenses are disposed of each month.

Custom-made contact lenses are made to your individual specifications, especially for people with complex prescriptions. These lenses may be soft or rigid. They require daily cleaning and disinfecting and usually last at least 12 months.

Multifocal/Bifocal contact lenses are designed for people who wear reading glasses or need multifocal or bifocal spectacles. Their complex design allows you to see distance targets and read without needing glasses. These increasingly popular lenses are available in daily and monthly disposable forms.

Coloured / Cosmetic lenses are popular for those wanting to change their natural eye colour to other natural or dramatic tones. They are available in daily and fortnightly disposable options and may be worn for optical correction or purely cosmetic reasons.

With so many options available for contact lens wear, a consultation with one of our team will determine your individual requirements so that the best contact lens may be prescribed. Contact lenses must be fitted to suit your eyes in order to ensure clear, comfortable vision and to maintain good ocular health.

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