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With so many lens options available at Menai Eye Care, spectacle lenses prescribed and fitted for you by one of our experienced team ensures you receive high quality, personalised lenses specifically tailored to your requirements.

Lenses may be prescribed for the following reasons: 

  • To restore clear sight if you are short-sighted, long-sighted or have astigmatism.
  • To support the focusing and vergence (eye pointing) systems in the eye.
  • As an aid during vision therapy 

Your prescribed lens may be:

  • Single vision - one power in the lens
  • Bifocal - two powers with a line visible between the two
  • Extended reading lens - for those doing desk work and computer use
  • Progressive/ multifocals - if you require clear vision for reading, computer and distance simultaneously

Sun protection is important for everyone as UV light is damaging to the eye. Products that may be added to your lenses in order to provide UV protection include:

  • UV coating and lens tinting - you can specify the colour of the tint and how dark the colour should be. This may range from a light tint to one common on sunglasses.
  • Polarised lenses - a polarising filter is embedded within the lens to give maximum glare reduction, UV protection and visual comfort. The colour and density of the tint can also be specified.
  • Transitions (link to website) gives a variable tint and maximum UV protection depending the amount of UV light present. The lenses will be clear indoors and have maximum tint similar to that of sunglasses.

Additional lens coatings that may be incorporated into your lenses to provide sharp, clear and comfortable vision include:

  • Anti-reflective coatings, which give you a sharp image free from reflections from oncoming car headlights and other light sources. It is recommended for those who wear their glasses for driving or computer use. An anti-reflective coating also helps transitions lenses become clearer indoors.
  • Mirror coating
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High density plastic materials may be recommended for  flatter, thinner and more cosmetically appealing lenses. These materials give excellent optical clarity. Such lenses are also used for prescription safety glasses.

The latest technology in progressive lenses uses wavefront technology to give 'high definition' vision by eliminating lens distortions and aberrations. Progressive lenses may also be customised individually to you - taking into account how your frame fits your face, to design a lens with maximum field of view for clear and comfortable vision.

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