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Children's Vision

Children with blurry or uncomfortable vision (sore eyes or headaches) may exhibit reduced attention, poor handwriting and make mistakes when copying from the board in the classroom. Vision problems may also affect a child's ability to learn to read and reading comprehension.

What is behavioural optometry?

The way your child interprets what it sees not only depends on how clear your child's eyesight is, but also on the way in which its brain processes visual information. Behavioural optometry applies a holistic approach to the treatment of vision and the processing of visual information. This may involve treatment with glasses, prisms or eye exercises.  Behavioural optometry can be particularly helpful in children with learning difficulties.

Following an initial examination, one of our specially trained optometrists may recommend a further assessment of your child's visual information processing abilities. This enables identification of specific areas which require further development. An individual vision therapy program can then developed,
tailored to your child's specific needs.


Ocular Health Services
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Menai Eye Care provides a comprehensive eye care service to our local community. Our expertise as well as our investment in the latest technology and equipment ensures we are perfectly positioned to be part of a health care team to maintain your eye and general systemic health.

As part of a comprehensive eye examination, digital photos are taken of your retina (the nerve layer at the back of the eye). This means that any subtle change in your eye health can be easily and accurately identified and monitored. We also take digital photos of the front of your eye to monitor for other changes such as the development of pterygium (a fleshy growth in the front of your eye).


Glaucoma, an elevated pressure in the eye, is a leading cause of visual loss. We investigate and monitor for glaucoma with a range of examinations including:

  • Intra-Ocular Pressure Measurement - using a computerised machine which does not require drops
  • Visual Field Analysis - a computerised Humphrey Analyser is used to measure your peripheral or side vision
  • Pachymetry - which measures the thickness of your cornea (front of the eye), as this may change intra-ocular pressure readings               


refractor headVF

Diabetic Eye Examinations are undertaken by dilating the pupil of the eye and performing a thorough examination looking for any changes related to diabetes. The eye is one organ which manifests the earliest changes due to diabetes and provides a "window" to the rest of your body's health.

Contact Lens Fittings are conducted by all of our experienced optometrists at Menai Eye Care. There are a large variety of contact lenses (link to products - CLs) to suit your lifestyle.

Corneal Topography is computerised topographic mapping of the corneal surface (front surface of the eye). This is extremely important in monitoring progressive conditions such as keratoconus, and for complex contact lens fittings.


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